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About Realinx

We here at Realinx create software solutions to real-life problems. The world might seem challenging at times but we want to change the future and create a future that brings happiness and joy to everyone.


What we build, we build with passion and resolve to create an impact. We are not looking to change society a bit but to create a revolution. Our vision is to solve the core problems in society from a bottom-up approach.


All the more reason to do it now! We don’t believe in sitting back and waiting to ride the wave created by someone else. The wave does not exist? We will create it!


To us, UX/UI is of utmost importance. Whatever we build must have a sublime user experience and be unique. We invest in design to empower our users and help provide an intuitive experience, coherence & continuity,

Areas we are exploring

We are currently trying to solve the problems in:

Health Care

  • Currently, India is only investing a mere 1.3% of our GDP in healthcare systems.

  • Most Indians do not have proper access to healthcare systems and when a healthcare service is present, it is generally subpar.

  • IT sector is the most prevalent sector in India and the mental and physical health challenges with it are often overlooked.

  • We are moving forward with RealfitMe to change some of these statistics for the better by gamifying the health sector for better adoption.

Real-World Social Networking

  • Social media was supposed to bring us together but it has just made us more distant. Connections are no longer real but virtual which have little meaning.

  • People who spend more time on social media have substantially (16–60%) more depression than those who use social media occasionally.

  • We want to change these statistics and create real-world connections and true social media.

Financial Empowerment

  • India is home to 1/5th of the world's population and has a financial literacy rate of just 24%.

  • Financial literacy is important for any individual's personal progress and growth.

  • Current systems are needlessly complicated and not accessible to the lower sections of society.

  • We aim to improve India's financial literacy by providing a suite of tools that will be accessible to every Indian.

Our Team


The Swiss Army Knife

N01 has been the pillar that has supported the bridge that is Realinx. N01 is a forerunner who sowed the seeds of what Realinx is and will become. Everyone at Realinx believes in N01 and his mission to improve people's lives by developing solutions that empower those who are underserved.

He's always been a trailblazer, taking on a variety of responsibilities along the road, including backend developer, product manager, cloud developer, leadership, and sales.

Fun Facts: N01 enjoys sketching, photography, and Japanese Series!


The Wizard

Perfection, compassion, depth, and creativity are a few words that come to mind when thinking about EV. EV is a passionate UX/UI designer and leads the marketing team as well at Realinx. Her energy and high-spirited nature are what keep Realinx shining, even in the darkest of nights.

She has been pivotal in building Realinx's corporate brand, design principles, and practices. If you ever want to praise how our products look and feel, she is the one to go to!

Fun Facts: EV loves Coldplay, Japanese movies, and Scuderia Ferrari!


The Transformer

D17 is a thorough tech geek be it cloud computing, backend, or frontend. Often when designers create designs that are complicated programmers back down but not D17, he turns fantasy into reality.

He has worked tirelessly day and night into bringing concepts to reality and has never backed down no matter how challenging the time or difficult the task might have been. It is safe to say that Realinx would just have been a vision, not a reality without D17. He's also the self-proclaimed Realinx meme god.

Fun Facts: D17 loves Anime and Football and he is passionate about cars!