RealfitMe Support

Common Problems:

1. Why is RealfitMe not counting my steps?

A. There might be a few reasons this might happen. Here are a few steps to follow in case you are having trouble:

  1. Do you have the latest version of RealfitMe installed on your device?

    • If not, kindly update your app to get the latest features and bug fixes.

  2. Are your steps visible on the home screen?

    • If your steps are not being counted on the home screen, please follow the steps below :

    • Android Users:

      1. Have you installed Google Fit, and is it tracking your steps?

        • Install Google Fit by visiting this link Google Fit: Activity Tracking - Apps on Google Play

        • If Google Fit is not counting your steps, please restart your phone and check if it is counting your steps. Please note: Google Fit does not update your steps live in the Google Fit UI. You will have to close Google Fit and open it again to see the changes in your steps.

      2. Are you using the same Google account for Google Fit and RealfitMe?

        • If not, please sign-up with the same account you use for Google Fit.

      3. Have you given RealfitMe permission to access steps in Google Fit?

        • To see if RealfitMe has the permission of Google Fit follow these steps:

- Open Google Fit

- Go to the profile page in Google Fit

- Go to Settings (the settings icon is on the top right)

- Click on Manage Connected Apps

- Check if RealfitMe is present

- Click on RealfitMe and click on Disconnect

- Go to the RealfitMe app and you will be prompted to connect an account, connect the account you have used in Google Fit

- You will see a popup to allow RealfitMe to access your Google Fit steps. Please click on "Continue".

        • You should now be able to see your steps in RealfitMe!

        • If you are still not able to see your steps please email us at

    • Apple Users

      1. Please check if you have given us access to your Apple Health data. Please follow these steps to see if you have given us permission:

        • Open settings

        • Search Health and click on Health

        • Click on Data Access and Devices

        • Click on RealfitMe

        • Turn on access to Steps, Active Energy, and Walking + Running Distance

2. What should I do to make sure my steps are being updated in the walkathon?

A. Every time you open our app, your steps should be updated. You don't need to do anything specific to update your steps; simply make sure they're updated on the home screen, and you'll be OK. Please keep in mind that your steps are updated in batches, so if you've only completed a few, those changes may not appear in the walkathon immediately. We recommend that you open the app at least once a day for a better experience.

3. Why did my streak suddenly vanish?

A. Your consistency is measured by your streak. You gain a streak for each day you fulfill your goal, but if you miss your goal for one day, your streak will be reset to 0. On your home page, you can view your personal goal, and on the challenge home page, you can see the challenge goal. Because your personal goal and the challenge's goal may differ, your personal streak (visible on your profile page) may differ from the challenge's streak (visible on the contributions page in the challenge)

4. I decided to launch the app, after a while. My personal steps were updated, but why weren't the challenges' steps updated?

A. If you reopen the RealfitMe app after a long period of inactivity, your missing personal steps will be updated for all of the days you were not active. The challenges, on the other hand, will only update your missing steps from the previous three days, and if the challenge has ended, none of your steps will be updated because the challenge is now inactive and read-only.

5. My screen just shows the loading indication. What do I do?

A. This might happen if, while fetching the data from the server, the internet stops working. If you think the internet is not an issue, close the app and restart again or clear the cache from app settings. If that does not work, clear the data from the settings.

If you are facing any other problems or want to suggest new features, please feel free to contact us!